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Cashton's No.1 Destination
for Craft Beer

Nothing tops off a day better than a frosty craft beer enjoyed in the picturesque valley of a local farm. At Footjoy Farm & Brewery, we pride ourselves on crafting some of the most unique brews in Cashton, WI. We focus on utilizing local ingredients and a true love of brewing, and you’ll taste the care and attention that goes into every sip.

Why Choose Us

  • New Craft Brewery
  • Locally Sourced Grains
  • A Unique Selection of Craft Beers

Harvesting Our
Own Grains

At the core, our craft beers exceed expectations because they’re made using products we source from our own farm. With a focus on heritage, landrace, ancient grains, and old-time barley varieties, we grow 100 percent of the grain used in our beers. Whether you’re tasting a barley beer or wheat beer, the quality will always be beyond compare.

A Farm-to-Glass

Every craft brewery has its own flair. From old churches to industrial buildings, the experience is as important as the craft beer itself. Footjoy Farm & Brewery brings a casual and outdoorsy feel to your brewery experience. Whether you’re relaxing inside or taking advantage of our beautiful vistas, you’ll be able to see (and taste) the pure bliss that comes with rural living.

Visit Us Today!

When you’re ready to sample some of the best craft beers in Cashton, WI, make your next stop Footjoy Farm & Brewery. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our brewery process and to inquire about what’s currently on tap.

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